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We are overseas market investment & development Dept of China Big Science & Development(Group), a professionalChina Auto development Manufacturer. Our auto products include Saloon Car,Buses,Van,Pickup,SUV,Truck series, electric car, moke, etc. We are seaching for cooperate partners overseas for building the chain auto & bus assembly plant in developing countries, following our Chinese govenment's "One belt and one load" oversea policy. Our cooperation modes includes joint venture, turnkey project, trade agent and so on.... In the past years, our group have built many auto assembly plants overseas, located inSyria, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Pakistan, ....


Cooperation modes:

1st way: we take 35% of the shareholding and being responsible for offering all the key equipment, Business Plan, technology support. such as plant design, manufacture technology, worker trainning.

2nd way: we take 15% of the shareholding and being responsible for offering all the technology support, Business Plan, such as plant design, manufacture technology, worker trainning.

3rd way:  your side take 100% shareholding, we assist your side the technology and all necessary equipment of the factory, all in "turn key project"  model.

In addition, please kindly fill the questionaire back to us, so we can know more about you and white a report to our goup for setting up your project. Any problems pls do not hesitate to contact me.

Our preference for joint venture partners:

We prefer to work with capitalists, industrialists and entrepreneurs, rather than cooperating with "landlords", and never accept the "cooperation mode of landlords".The so-called “Cooperation Mode of Landlord”, that is, the landlord owns land, and lives his life by collecting land rent or exploiting peasants. Those, who only provide the land or workshop building, don't work and contribute any working capital, just rely on exploitation of the lessee, are called the landlords. The main way for the landlords to exploit is to collect rent.

As a local partner, if you only provide the land, plant and/or production license, and the rest of funds, equipment, management and others are all provided by the Chinese party, it is just like local landlords to collect profits without any other investment. So, sorry, you are not the partner we are looking for. We like to collaborate with industrialists, capitalists and entrepreneurs, those who have been or are being engaged in industry, with full of experiences, are more suitable for becoming our cooperators. Our cooperation principle is “working together to be bigger and stronger, and to achieve a win-win situation.”


Explain why we arrange joint venture plant’s share structure:

"65% is held by local shareholders, while 35% is invested by our China auto manufacturer”

1, local shareholders, holding 65% share, have higher business enthusiasm, and this business mode is much better for the development of the plant;

2, local shareholders, holding 65% share, can take more support from their local government, Bank and consumers, and the factory will be recognized as national industry;

3, local shareholders holding 65% share, the domestic industrial enterprises are more likely to obtain the government's preferential policies for industrial development;

4, local shareholders, holding 65% share, can operate various complicated social relations easier and better, which is conducive to the development of the enterprise.