electric SUV /gasoline car for joint venture assembly plant

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ConfigarationGasoline Type
Steering SystemLeft
Overall dimensions(mm)3610*1570*1490
Front/Rear Suspension(mm)755/510
Min.ground clearance(mm)145
Minimum turn radius (m)4.5
Rated Passengers5
Curb Weight(Kgs)735
Position of EngineFront
Type of Engine4 stroke,water cooling,Single-mounted camshaft,electronic fuel injection system
Numbers of Cylinder3
Rated Power29.5KW
Rated rotation rate5500r/min
Type of gasolineGasoline#93
Combined fuel consumption(L/100km)<=5.0L
Fuel tank volume(L)27L
Steering SystemGear rack electric booster
Brake SystemManual mechanical parking brake
Suspension SystemFront:MC Pherson Independent Suspension
Rear:Semi drag rocker arm Independent suspension     +Coil Spring
Drive/Brake methods 
Brake system(Front/Rear)Front disc/rear drum  The brake booster
Drive Method/Front  DriveFront-Wheel Drive
Self Supporting Bodyyes
High-mount stop lampyes
Rear fog lampyes
Luggage Carrierno
ColorsWhite,Cairo Gold,Brown,Pear Red
Safety Beltyes
Chassis member 
Power-assisted steeringyes
Soft shaft gear shiftyes
Aluminum wheel hubyes
Tyre 155/65R 13yes
Spare Tyreoptional
Front disc/rear drum brakeyes
Body interior trimming 
Air Conditioneryes
Central control lockyes
Reversing image(large screen)yes
Back door double braceyes
Front door electric glass hoistyes
Rear door electric glass hoistyes
Velvet seatyes
Fire extinguisheryes
Velvet Carpetyes



we need your full understanding that to sell the vehicle or equipment to you is not our main purpose , we are mainly seeking partners for assembly plants as a joint venture globally


Explain why we arrange joint venture plant’s share structure:

"65% is held by local shareholders, while 35% is invested by our China auto manufacturer”

1, local shareholders, holding 65% share, have higher business enthusiasm, and this business mode is much better for the development of the plant;

2, local shareholders, holding 65% share, can take more support from their local government, Bank and consumers, and the factory will be recognized as national industry;

3, local shareholders holding 65% share, the domestic industrial enterprises are more likely to obtain the government's preferential policies for industrial development;

4, local shareholders, holding 65% share, can operate various complicated social relations easier and better, which is conducive to the development of the enterprise.


 Our preference for joint venture partners:

We prefer to work with capitalists, industrialists and entrepreneurs, rather than cooperating with "landlords", and never accept the "cooperation mode of landlords".The so-called “Cooperation Mode of Landlord”, that is, the landlord owns land, and lives his life by collecting land rent or exploiting peasants. Those, who only provide the land or workshop building, don't work and contribute any working capital, just rely on exploitation of the lessee, are called the landlords. The main way for the landlords to exploit is to collect rent.



As a local partner, if you only provide the land, plant and/or production license, and the rest of funds, equipment, management and others are all provided by the Chinese party, it is just like local landlords to collect profits without any other investment. So, sorry, you are not the partner we are looking for. We like to collaborate with industrialists, capitalists and entrepreneurs, those who have been or are being engaged in industry, with full of experiences, are more suitable for becoming our cooperators. Our cooperation principle is “working together to be bigger and stronger, and to achieve a win-win situation.”


My friend,in order to make our project go well and smoothly, pls read below :


Partner requirements of cooperation or joint venture term:

1.1, Your self workshop: you had have 5000-8000 square meter workshop at least, and over 15000-25000 square meters industrial land.
1.2, Your-self Cash:

 have some necessary economic strength, investment capacity must over two million USD.(don't include land, workshop value)
1.3, Market channel: have car sales channel (sales network) or car garage remanufacturing second-hand car, or with the car related businesses.
1.4, Your country Nice Import tariff  policy: Your country import tariff policy very important, gap of import tariff between auto spare part CKD (completely 
knocked down) term and CBU (complete built unit) shall be at least 30-35%;  for example, import tariff on CBU term is 35%, CKD term must be 5% 

or free.This term is most important factor for setting up an assembly plant in local. if CBU with CKD is almost same,the auto plant will 

have not profit space.

our investment : 

production line design + technology support + staff training + equipment installing&maintenance +management guidance + welding line + general assembly line


If you can meet the above mentioned criteria, let’s continue to talk further. Thank you.