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We are China auto manufacture, We wish to search Local  cooperation parter for Assembling Pickup; SUV, Bus,Saloon Car,Van, truck, the cooperation model is include agreement cooperation,Turn Key project  model and joint venture.  If you wish to know more our oversea Chain automobile Manufacture factory project, we may explain and deliver relevant information. our chain auto Assembly plant project include mini Car, Mini truck, Pickup; SUV, Mini Moke jeep; CNG buses Series (airport bus, New energy bus----CNG buses,electric power bus,CNG buses,  and buses of electric power Hybrid bus).....In fact, so far, we had have been established a lot of Chain auto assemble factory many developing country,
 these factories are located in Syria, egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Bangladesh and Latin america...the cooperatin principle is to achieve a win-win situation. We are glad to provide credit or investment, our cooperation arrange from trade cooperation to set up auto assembly plant  in local  joint venture plant.
1, Operation Mini moke Car Assembly by SKD,CKD have under advantage:
1-1,   Reduce freight cost. SKD term, one 40ft container can load 12 Sets mini moke car spare parts.
1-2,   Reduce Import tariff, general  SKD, CKD term Import tariff is low than CBU term.
1-3,   Provide sale after service, when your plant can assembe Mini moke Car, your  equipment and technical personnel will can provide  sale after service, These advantages will promote your sales.
1-4,    We think some spare part may purchase in your local, which may save some cost, such as order tire, Chair.....and spraying processing operations in your local.
1-5,   More opportunities for development, when your plant can assemble Mini moke Car , you just Add some special equipment, this plant will may assemble SUV, Pickup, mini truck,Van.
1-6,   The assembly plant have your-self business brand, This is a intangible assets.
as  manufacturers, we will provise techonlogy and send engineer to help you finish above work. at the same time, you can get more potential development opportunities.
for example
we have formulated a suitable market according to the actual situation of the operation plan, such as Sri lanka market:
At first, the local manufacturing parts scale up to 30-40%, and the rest of the components of the import tariff will reduce or free import duty.
we have check  mini moke spare part list, Sri lanka local market,  some spare part may purchase in local  such as tire, Chair...... some simple spare part may manufacture in Local plant such as  car bumper, car tarpaulin, covered stents, the final  paint and assemble task will finish in your local. We estimate include the local purchasing spare part, manufacturing by your-self, painting, assembly, accounts for about 30% of the value of the car. so that,  you can apply for relief to import tariffs from  government. As, local purchase, production spare parts number increased by 40%, other import spare  part  import tariff will be reduced to zero, on the contrary,  if import CBU term mini moke car, importing one mini moke car will pay 80 % duty.
2,  For the SKD, CKD, Are your what is your right choice ?
if market is not Large enough, you should select  assemble mini moke car  by SKD. if so such,  SKD is right choice too.
of courde,  if you think market had developed and  market very good, when SKD assembly can't Fully Satisfy Market Demand, or you have larger, more long-term plans, such as adding more models
such as SUV, Van, pickup, Car,  you should try to arrange welding mini moke body in local, sametime,  the  condition is you have sufficient investment ability. if so, we will provide necessary suport to welding body in your  local plant.  in fact, we had build many oversea auto assemble plant on the world. from assemble mini moke car starting to assemble more model auto is a very ingenious and practical plan. this plan's characteristic is reduce investment risk investment risks,  key is step by step rolling gradually.
if you indeed interest in our chain auto assemble plant project, please you inform us.
3, How operate Mini moke Car Assemble by SKD, Under is project operate procedure and main point:
3-1,  General conditions of  Assembly Mini moke Car by SKD.
 Figuratively speaking, only a normal car repair shop equipment, you can finish assembly task, some special equipment can be gradually increased,such as vehicle inspection line, Tire Changers, Chassis code printer....., if month output is just 20-30 units,workshop is need 500-1000M2. Workers and technical staff 5-10 people.
3-2,  The project can be arranged at two step  implementation:
3-2-1,  For the SKD assemble phases:  Our plant will complete mini moke car body welding sequence, complete chassis and assemble all spare part in China, 
3-2-2,  mini moke car body have three state: 
A, Completed welding and  metal surface treatment (acid-washing, parkerising,electrophoresis) or
B, Completed welding and  metal surface treatment (acid-washing, parkerising, galvanization )
C,  Complete above A, B ground coat paint  +  add paint white paint.
Our plant will complete mini moke car metal surface treatment  was done in our factory.  we will according to your market request to do complete ground coat paint or add paint white paint. (some country custom think body had printing finishing coat can't comfirm SKD or CKD), we think, best way is last paint and general-assemble was done in your workshop. if body without paint, it will be as CKD or SKD.


My friend,in order to make our project go well and smoothly, pls read below :


Partner requirements of cooperation or joint venture term:

1.1, Your self workshop: you had have 5000-8000 square meter workshop at least, and over 15000-25000 square meters industrial land.
1.2, Your-self Cash:

 have some necessary economic strength, investment capacity must over two million USD.(don't include land, workshop value)
1.3, Market channel: have car sales channel (sales network) or car garage remanufacturing second-hand car, or with the car related businesses.
1.4, Your country Nice Import tariff  policy: Your country import tariff policy very important, gap of import tariff between auto spare part CKD (completely 
knocked down) term and CBU (complete built unit) shall be at least 30-35%;  for example, import tariff on CBU term is 35%, CKD term must be 5% 

or free.This term is most important factor for setting up an assembly plant in local. if CBU with CKD is almost same,the auto plant will 

have not profit space.


If you can meet the above mentioned criteria, let’s continue to talk further. Thank you.