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We are the oversea investment development Dept of China Big S & T Dev (Group),  a professional auto manufacturer mainly seeking partners for assembly plants globally . Our products include sedan cars, buses, Van, pickup, SUV, truck series, electric car, classical mini moke car series. Cooperation way includes joint venture, turnkey model, agreement cooperation, trade agent and so on....


Combining cost-effective Chinese products, technical advantage and financial advantage with oversea local sales channel resources, industrial demand, and the government preferential policy, our group has setup many oversea auto assembly plants located in Algeria, Ghana, Syria, Bangladesh, Latin America and Mid East. Joint investment principle is to achieve a win-win situation.


Partner requirements of cooperation or joint venture term:
A.  Fund: Have strong economic strenth, with investment capital over 2 million USD. (Own money, not borrowed money, Not including land, plant workshop ) 
B.  Workshop: Over 5000-8000 square meter workshop, and over 15000-30000 square meters land.
C.  Market channel: have car sales channel (sales network) or car garage for remanufacturing second-hand car, or related with the car businesses.
D.  Import tariff policy:  gap of import tariff between auto spare part CKD and CBU shall be at least 30-35% ( for example, import tariff on CBU term is 35%, CKD term must be 5% or free)(NOTE: CBU = finished automobile; CKD = Completely  Knocked down parts; SKD= Semi knocked down parts )
If your company can't meet above required economic strength, our cooperation way will arrange from trade first, and then provide Positive Create Term, step by step to develop to establish  auto assemble plant. 
If you can meet almost the above requirements, congratulations and please inform us ASAP. and fill out a questionnaire of auto assembly plant project.
   Profit Points & Why  join us
Why join us in this KD assembly plant project?

A. Best cost performance of Chinese automobile.  Chinese automobiles has the best cost performance, and much strong market competitiveness in the world. (advantage about 20-30%)

B. You can save more tariffs and freight cost by importing auto CKD than CBU term. 

- Compared to CBU term, the SKD/CKD term has 25-35% gap of the import duty. (Price advantage 25-35%)

- With SKD/CKD status, you can ship more units than CBU status, it will save freight cost. (Save cost 5-10%)
C. When you develop market, with 4S shop and technology supply which we provide, you can supply very nice after sale service. Spare parts trade is a new profit growth point. In general, it takes up around 20-30% of the total value. (20-30%)

D. You can use your own brand for the auto, which is an intangible assets. (Rise total value over50%)

E.  We provide technology support and credit.